Subsurface goes Global. Best Ever/Wide Open Walls.

With Issue 1 at the printers, and due for release on November 22nd, Subsurface editor Gareth Fareham heads out to Africa for something a little different…

It isn’t every day you meet someone with such a unique and diverse set of talents, and someone who has travelled the world with a set of spray cans in their rucksack and a whole different world view to most others; painting trains, throwing up pieces in cities all over the world and dodging the authorities under the cloak of darkness to get his artwork up, as well as working with multi-national companies on huge scale commissions. Hadley Ever is one such man, and through a chance meeting and a stroke of coincidence, turns out that Hadley, of the street artist duo ‘Best Ever’ fame, is also a mega keen carp angler and lives just down the road from the Subsurface hub in Bournemouth. Dodging the authorities here in the UK is also as likely a place to find Hadley angling as opposed to an over crowded day ticket venue; his view about what angling is is also vastly different to most others, which is great; catching numbers of carp, or even especially big ones are not particularly on Hadley’s agenda, but being able to angle for his quarry on his own terms, and without fighting for a swim are much higher, something that here at Subsurface we think is an refreshingly honest attitude. Over the course of the last 12 months we’ve spent quite a bit of time with Hadley, fishing with him, talking art and even putting together an great little interview for Issue 1.

Over the course of the last few years Hadley has worked on an exciting project called ‘Wide Open Walls’ out in Africa, painting walls out in the villages of the Gambia, working with the local communities to build a creative interaction that helps support the villagers and bring a small amount of precious tourism income into otherwise incredibly poor and remote areas through people coming to view the artworks. This year, Subsurface editor Gareth Fareham was invited out to work on the project with Hadley to document and share in the experience…here are a few images from the trip that sum up the flavour of the project. Absolutely nothing to do with carp fishing, but a beautiful and exciting project nonetheless, and as it’s a carp angler that is working on it, that’s a good enough link for us.

While you’re online, go check out Hadley and Neil’s work as the collaborative duo ‘Best Ever’ HERE


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