Subsurface is a 100% independent, homegrown annual publication that looks deeper into the culture, history and future of the big carp scene, both at home here in the UK and overseas. Our aim is to re-consider the way carp angling is documented and stimulate a new way of thinking about how our pursuit is represented by presenting some alternative angles.


We aim to provide a diverse and multi-faceted view of the big carp scene, so from interviews with the old school, as well as the new school, to industry and historical insights, to lads quietly doing their thing in the underground scene, as well as high profile anglers immersed in carp fishing as a complete way of life, through to photographic galleries documenting nothing but the beauty of the environments we are lucky enough to find ourselves in, we hope to reach and inspire a wide range of anglers. Subsurface only exists to recognize and celebrate some of the spirit that made us all pick up a rod in the first place, shaking up the sanitization that has developed in what is a fundamentally dirty pursuit and getting people thinking beyond the step-by-steps and exposes; to hopefully encourage and inspire people to consider what the spirit of angling actually is once again, once you have stripped it all back to basics.


Through a carefully handpicked selection of writers, photographers and anglers we have come together as a collective by returning to the DIY roots of carp fishing by creating a publication ourselves; one that embraces the past, as well as the future and brings back some heart and soul, some appreciation for the environment and nature, and is filled to the brim with beautiful images and carefully penned words and passionate views; written, spoken and taken by the lads that live and breathe it, not the office chair critics.


Compiled with no agenda other than to create something beautiful, no ulterior motives and unbiased and uncensored, Subsurface is a completely self-sufficient independent publication, and aims to deliver the uncompromised vision of carp fishing that we wholeheartedly believe it deserves.


It is a brave new world. It’s time to embrace something new.