NBrice Carbon. Long-Term Review

For anyone that isn’t familiar with the name NBrice, they are a relatively new UK based company making the highest grade, handmade stainless and carbon products and are gathering a nice little niche following for themselves through producing quality kit and a great service. I have had my set of the carbon 2, and 3 rod adjustables since this time last year and thought that instead of writing an initial review without much use, I’d give them a year of punishment and then review them. So, here we are, one year on.

First impressions were great, and being aesthetically inclined I was immediately drawn to the clean lines and minimal detailing. I know the ‘look’ of my kit isn’t going to catch me any more carp, but when I spend so long staring at it, and having it sat at the front of my swim propping my stoically sedentary ‘floppy tubes’ up I figure I’d at least like it to look sweet, which the NBrice kit certainly does. I’ve always used stainless, In fact I bought my Neville stainless about 15 years ago now and it has stood the test of time, that is for certain, but in recent years as my time on the bank has been cut down further and further with ever-growing work commitments the need to cut the fat from my kit to allow for easy ‘worknights’ and short sessions has been ever more important. Stainless is great, and strong as an ox, but it doesn’t half add some weight to your kit..

The three rod NBrice bars weigh in at 430g for the 7/8 inch versions, with the sticks weighing it at 340g for the 10/12 inch versions with stabilisers. A massive cut from the 750g my old stainless 3 rod bars weighed and 650g for the sticks, virtually half the weight in fact. The nice touch with the NBrice kit is that whilst carbon undoubtedly isn’t quite as strong as stainless, the key parts of the bars and sticks that need the strength and durability have all kept the stainless touch for strength, making them a hybrid of sorts. NBrice use only the finest UK rolled carbon for their thick-walled sticks and bars, which are all finished in a beautiful low-key matt ground finish. I also use the ‘Gravel Eater’ which is a small screw threaded device, similar to a drill bit which helps get the carbon (or stainless) into even the harshest of gravel banks, and again, comes highly recommended.

I have used mine for a solid year of angling, both at home here in the UK and abroad and as yet have not even had a whisper of a problem from any of the kit. It still looks great, even though I take little or no care of my kit, the matt carbon sticks seem adept as avoiding too much damage or scuffing, even from the harshest gravel and like I said, I’m not especially easy on my kit. One nice aspect of the NBrice kit is how well the thumbscrews lock up, circular knurled thumbscrews aren’t always the best but the NBrice system locks the sticks with zero movement at all, and without damaging the carbon which I have seen happen to others, the neat little system to avoid the thumbscrews falling out or being turned too far is also a nice touch. I use the stabilisers with mine, partly because of the loose gravel they’re often getting stuck into, and partly because I often fish weedy pits with tight, or virtually locked up clutches, so having a solid set-up is key for me. Again, these have been great – really beautiful minimal design, neat thumbscrew system which locks solidly onto the sticks and a sharp, relatively thin spike which is easy to get into almost any type of ground.

I have also got a set of the solid, two rod bars, which again, have performed beautifully, took a bit of abuse and I’m sure will take a good few more season yet. I’m not one for changing my kit without good cause, so I’m looking for another five to ten years from this kit, which I can see no problems getting.

UK made, by nice guys with a passion for making quality kit. In an age when mass-produced kit from China and the east fills our shelves I personally think it’s nice to support the little guys who genuinely care about what they’re making.


Check out the NBrice website HERE for more info and info on the custom services and other products they offer.

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