Quick Fire 5’s


Subsurface collaborator and Issue 1 contributor David Meek gives us a quick run through some of his favourite ‘5’s’…

Venues – Wraysbury, The Mere, Spinaker and the Roach Pit, and anywhere where nature takes over and fishing becomes instinctive rather than engineered.

Carp – Mary, The BM, the Mere’s Lin, Sean’s and the Roach Pit Lin.

Anglers; underground – Beadle (so laid back he’s horizontal – clever too), Jamie Walker (jawline sharper than a samurai and a great angler), Terry Dempsey (Caught em’ all ain’t he?), Aljin Danau, and Steve Alcott

Anglers; limelight – Tel, Nick (passion and photography from both of em’ is unreal), Laney; circa ‘Obsession’, Lockey because he’s not in the limelight but kind of is, and that little Northern Monkey with a heart of gold and pots of pink, white and orange balls!

Books – Terry Hearn: ‘In Pursuit of the Largest’, Micky Gray: ‘A Merry Olde Dance’, Dave Lane: ‘Obsession with Carp’; ‘Eddie Would Go’, about Hawaiian surfer, Eddie Aikau, and ‘Scar Tissue’ about The Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman, Anthony Kedis.

Tunes – Jamie Lidell ‘Your Sweet Boom’, M.A.N.D.Y ‘Body Language’, James Brown ‘Talking Loud an’ Sayin’ Nothing’, Beastie Boys ‘Sure Shot’ and Deadmau5 ‘One Trick Pony’.

Films – ‘Enter the Dragon’, ‘Do the Right Thing’, ‘Superbad’, ‘Step Brothers’ and ‘Exit through the Gift Shop Door’.

Influences – David Carson, my Dad, nature, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and my good friends.

Pet hates – Moaning (clouding me with negativity!), lack of community spirit, egotistical nonsense, litter, and bitchiness.

Reasons to angle – To hang out with friends, tap-clear water, lovely old carp, sleeping under the stars, and to embrace the beauty and essence of nature.

Baits – Tiger nut, a red fishmeal boilie, hemp, the odd grain of corn, and on a sunny day floating trouties and cat biscuits.

Angling kit–A couple of custom Century carbons, SS’s, Nevilles, a bed, an old battered brolly and a sharp hook!

Species – A classic Test roach, a Stour chub, a mint dace, a summer rudd, or a stripey over 3lbs!

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