Build a new future…make your own dreams… A renaissance in the DIY spirit of carp fishing is taking place, finally. Self funded, self motivated and built on the principles of striving to engage with carp fishing on a deeper level, being involved with its future, and spreading the word to all. Issue 1 contributor Gilles, along with friends Pieter and Tom have built something special, a little UTOPIA in a world of commercially driven goals, their aims are a little different to most, and inspiring to see, it is hard not to be struck by the purity of their intentions. The little five minute edit is one of the most beautiful carp fishing films we have seen in a long time, and beautiful partly because it has little do with actually fishing – it is simply a bunch of guys working together to plant seeds for the future. Whether you ever have any contact with the breeding of carp, it is hard not to be touched by the sight of so many little ‘acorns’, tiny bundles of genetic potential, that put into the right environment, one that is clear, and weedy and full of natural food, might one day grow into leviathans, and become ready to do battle, or outwit us and become the stuff of legends. This is the story of a little project, with big aims.



‘Maintain our Happiness – Care about the Future’



What you just saw, or are about to see, is only the beginning… I am, myself, very curious about where this will all lead to. Every year, we breed about 1000 baby carp to which we are planning to add another 200 young ones (carp with a weight between 1 and 2 kg) starting from 2015. In addition, several of these fish are already swimming around in some private lakes, a project which will give us a clear view on the capacity on the short term. Our priority, and goal is simply to breed as many beautiful carp as possible which also have good opportunities for growth and as high a chance of survival. We believe the uniqueness of this project is the fact that this all happens in a natural way, guaranteeing the actions of natural selection to take place in the true Darwinian sense of the word.

Main perspective

Whilst this all looks wonderful, and it is, no doubt…we’ve had to cross some major rivers to get to this point. We started the project around four years ago now on the fertile grounds of Flanders, and even though we have always been phenomenally passionate about it, we’ve had to invest a huge amount of personal time and effort in lobbying to make the project work in the many ways necessary. Due to some fortunate circumstances, we had the opportunity to become a part of this unique breeding programme, and begin our search for young, beautiful and healthy carp, ones to build a future on. You must understand here that we are not talking about a commercial project either, we would simply like to be self-sufficient and this is the reason why we are planning to sell a small number of our fish, starting from this year. This way, we can also work together for the future of other beautiful lakes and, who knows, hopefully one day it may lead to an interesting collaboration with local officials (it is still currently illegal in Belgium to put fish into public lakes, a situation we are hoping may change).


The ethics element of the project is much more important to us than the commercial one, and we hope to inspire other people to do the same, whether that be through becoming involved at a grass roots level with the breeding of carp, or just to experience and develop a much more wider meaning of carp fishing as a whole – to reconnect to our roots and appreciate our quarry for so much more than just numbers and statistics – this we feel is maybe the biggest and most important aspect of the entire project.  This video shows our love and passion for carp as a beautiful part of nature, and not just as quarry to angle for. UTOPIA may seem to have a naive goal to some, just like my personality, but that’s what it’s all about: trying to achieve personal goals, and at least undertaking something and being part of something positive, instead of just sitting at a desk, complaining and moaning!

If you are an expert (or you know an expert) in the matter, or would simply like to know more about the project, please feel free to contact us at  bosseloo.pieter@gmail.com


Watch Gilles’s UTOPIA edit on Vimeo HERE





Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has made it possible to achieve all of this and who has helped us along the way.

Exclusive Baits, for the tons of fish feed and for the consensus.

KSN region Zwolle, for their support throughout the past year.

And a huge thanks, last but not least, to all the helping hands


Pieter Bosseloo

Gilles Lambert

Tom Cochet.

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